Advocacy and Legal Resources
Cold Patrol

The Murfreesboro Cold Patrol is working to end the revolving door of homelessness through outreach, advocacy, and resource support. We accomplish this by creating relationships built on trust, consistency, and brotherly love. In 2019, we were able to help 22 unique individuals experiencing chronic homelessness obtain permanent housing. Prior to finding housing, these individuals had been on the streets for a collective total of over 133 years (which averages over 6 years each).

Domestic Violence Program

At Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center our mission is simple but powerful: to PROTECT victims, PREVENT violence, and EMPOWER survivors.

We accomplish this by providing citizens of Rutherford County with the resources and assistance necessary to effectively deal with the personal, social, and legal implications of victimization by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Knox County Probation

Probation supports the Knox County Judiciary to ensure that anyone assigned to misdemeanor probation complies with the conditions of probation.