The Resource Project Network

Connecting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals seeking help to verified social care providers that serve them.

It’s not that resources don’t exist for individuals; it’s that the system itself is extremely convoluted and unorganized. Navigating the system to find resources is frustrating, difficult, and time consuming.

The Resource Project is here to simplify the mess by creating a network from direct collaboration with organizations, local governments, and facilities to offer direct help and services to those who need it the most where they need it. We strive to make it easy for people to find social services for their communities, non-profits to coordinate their efforts, and facilities to integrate more comprehensive social care into the work they already to.

The Right Resources

We partner directly with local governments, facilities, and organizations to provide our users accurate and comprehensive resources to take away the guess work.

Company Partnerships

We partner directly with good and equitable companies looking to hire incarcerated and formally incarcerated individuals to provide individuals meaningful employment.

Ease of Access

We partner directly with the facilities and software companies in the justice industries to provide resources directly at the source where the users already interact.  

Focus on the Individual

We believe in a second chance for those who  actually want  one. We look to partner with the individuals who want to better their lives and find greater meaning in work and their lives.  

For Individuals

We provide all users free and open access to search on our network. We don’t place ads and we don’t market to people using the platform — We just provide an easy-to-understand experience for users.

For NonProfits

We support nonprofits with customizable dashboards so you can keep your information up to date and better reach people in the communities more effectively.

For Facilites

We provide comprehensive resources for your communities. We work directly with your facility and software service providers to integrate directly into your community.


Having the power to improve the lives of others is a privilege. There is currently a gap in the accessibility to resources. We are focused on bridging that gap and providing resources that are provided to individuals and caregivers to unite the country.

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